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Matches and Sources of the Database

  In addition to information available online and to information gleaned from church records, the database collects additional information from different local sources such as ship lists and “Intent to Emigrate” announcements. Numerous Thuringian chroniclers have begun research on emigration in the 19th century, some of which has been made available to Adler and incorporated into her database. She has also searched historical local newspapers with announcements on emigration, as well as records in the Thuringian State Archives of Weimar. These sources contain a great deal of information on the emigrants, their family relationships and their origins. The names in these sources are 99% correct and provide the basis for further research in the church records.

  Some finds from regional historians doing their own research in the church records also make their way into the database. When time has permitted, over the past several years Astrid Adler has done research for descendants in the United States. Based on that research, further emigrant names were unearthed and recorded in her database.

  Finally, Thuringian historians publish a large number of books and brochures on the local history of the region, but, unfortunately, only in the German language. Thuringia celebrates numerous anniversaries every year, and local chronicles are published. These often contain information about families who have emigrated. Findings about emigrants from these books and brochures will be included in the database.

  From the aforementioned sources, Adler records the following information in her database:

1. Surname (female: maiden name)

2. First name

3. Date of birth and baptism

4. Name of the emigrant’s parents

5. Denomination

6. Date and place of death and burial

7. Sources (e.g. passenger manifests, daily newspapers, other sources)

8. Date of the “Intent to Emigrate” announcement in the local press or registries, with information about   accompanying persons

9. Date of departure and name of port city

10. Arrival date and port city

11. Profession, according to German sources and shipping manifest upon arrival

12. Name of the ship

Of course, not all records are complete. Thus, the above-mentioned data isn’t always fully searchable. However, with some records – those that are more complete – more matches are possible.