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Vergessene Menschen (Forgotten People)

Within 240 pages, it is reported by the life of former emigrants and their families are examined. Why did so many people leave the Grand Duchy of Saxe Weimar Eisenach? Which way did the people journey to the harbor? How did they cross the ocean and arrive in a strange land? Where did the emigrants settle? The book tells of the successes as well as the fate of emigrants Tiefenort and the region. A wide range of images from around the world allows the reader to put themselves in that time.

The book includes the information and illustrated family histories presented at the Exhibition in September 2012. In a second book, name of book here, there are published research results of other emigrants who were not included in the Exhibition.

Publication: 2013 (German Language)

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Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-00-040611-9: EUR 24,50 ($27.00)

Print: Color


Comments about the book "Forgotten People" by Astrid Adler, self-published in 2013:

Martina Fähnemann, Hapag-Lloyd, Hamburg, Germany, May 21, 2013:

Dear Ms Adler,

the not so sunny Whitsun weekend was an opportunity to rummage through your book. There was not allowed enough time to read it from the first page to last. Nevertheless, I got a good impression and was able to read some family stories. In particular, I liked the presentation of the book I like very much - varied and the well-illustrated so everything is very much alive.

A successful book - congratulations!


Elfriede Großmann, Wiesaden, Germany, April 30, 2013:

Dear Mrs. Adler,

I received the book "Forgotten People" and thank you for the quick delivery. It is very impressive. When you showed me the many families that I never knew existed, it was the most fascinating that I've ever read. You have described everything so interestingly. I must say it has captivated me completely. The pictures of old houses that are still there and also reminds me of my earlier years. All in all, it is a successful book in which you have invested a lot of effort.

Thank you once again for doing this.