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History you can touch - How I found my German roots

Book recommendation

This could be a story representing many descendants of German emigrants:

"When I began writing a memoir about my family history and my experiences growing up in Los Angeles during the 1940s and 1950s, I had no idea where my ancestor had once lived in Germany. One small notation on a ship's list solved the lomg-held mystery.

My paternal great-grandfather came to America in 1863. He fortuitously named Lengsfeld as his exact place of origin when registering on board the steamship "America" instead of just saying Germany, like so many emigrants did.

This enabled me to locate Lengsfeld (now Stadtlengsfeld) on the Internet.

The thought of going to visit the place where my ancestors had once lived was hard to imagine. I am not proficient in the German language, although my grandparents and father once spoke German.

Then, as if by divine intervention, on the Internet I found a professional genealogist named Astrid Adler living close to Stadtlengsfeld in Tiefenort. I reached out to her by email hoping to learn something about life in Stadtlengsfeld." Read more here

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