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Lecture Tour to the Midwest region of the United States from October 18 to October 31, 2018

News About the Upcoming Lecture Tour

What can you expect to hear in my lectures?

I will talk about the daily life in the Grand Duchy of Saxe-Weimar-Eisenach, the climatic peculiarities, traditions, and much more.

You will find out why from 1840 to 1900 between 10-50% of the inhabitants emigrated from some of the towns. How did people prepare for emigration at that time? How did people travel from Thuringia to the port cities of Bremerhaven and Hamburg? You will learn interesting facts about the crossing and the journey onward in America. I will report on the lives of immigrants in their new American homeland.

If I have piqued your interest on this topic "Emigration in the 19th Century,” then please come to one of my events and support this Growdfunding project. Dates and places of the upcoming events are published under the title "Events" on this website.

What is Growdfunding?

Although my project is of regional interest, as an individual I do not receive financial support from public funds. Therefore, I would like to finance the travel costs for the lecture tour through Growdfunding. You can contribute as little as 0.01 Euro to the project’s success, but I hope you will want to contribute more. Decide for yourself how important it is for you to help spread the story of our regional history overseas.

No matter how much you contribute or whether or not you receive a gift in exchange, hopefully you will feel a deep sense of satisfaction knowing that you have helped to bring this important project to fruition.

To help you decide if you want to support my project, I have put together various packages as a token of gratitude for your contribution. The packages you can find at .

Once the project has been successfully financed, I will send out your package as quickly as possible. If the project is underfunded and fails, you will get your donation back.

Going to the Growdfunding project here

Database for Emigrants

Dear Genealogists,

 The establishment of a database for emigrants Thuringia precedes. First emigrants were found in association with other genealogists in America, Canada and Australia, or the origin of some emigrants could be determined based on historical sources and documents.

  The database contains data outweigh of the present states of Thuringia and Hesse.

Results of resaerch exist so far to the following locations:


Allendorf, Alsfeld, Altenburg, Altenbreitungen, Andenhausen, Ausbach, (Bad) Salzungen, (Bad) Liebenstein, Barchfeld, Berka a. d. Werra, Berka v. d. Hainich, Bermbach, Birx, Bischofroda, Borsch, Breitungen, Bremen/Thür., Brunnhardtshausen, Buttlar, Burghaun, Christes, Creuzburg, Dankmarshausen, Dermbach, Diedorf, Dietlas, Dorndorf, Eckardts, Eisenach, Eichenzell, Eiterfeld, Empfertshausen, Ettenhausen, Etterwinden, Fambach, Farnroda, Fischbach, Flieden, Frankenhausen, Frankenheim, Frauenbreitungen, Frauensee, Friedewald, Förtha, Fulda, Geba, Gehaus, Geisa, Geismar, Gerstungen, Gerstengrund, Goldisthal, Gospenroda, Gotha, Gumpelstadt, Gräfendorf, Gräfenthal, Großburschla, Großenlupnitz, Großentaft, Herda, Heringen, Herrmansfeld, Hermannsroda, Herpf, Hersfeld, Hofgeismar, Hohleborn, Höhnebach, Holzhausen, Hötzelroda, Hünfeld, Hüttenhof, Immelborn, Kaiseroda, Kaltenborn, Kaltenlengsfeld, Kaltennordheim, Kaltensundheim, Kaltenwestheim, Ketten, Kieselbach, Klings, Kranlucken, Langenfeld, Leimbach, Madelungen, Marienthal, Marksuhl, Martinroda, Meimers, Meiningen, Melkers, Melpers, Merkers, Motzlar, Möhra, Mühlhausen, Neidhardtshausen, Nitzendorf, Neuenhof, Oberalba, Oberbreizbach, Oberellen, Oberkatz, Obersuhl, Oberzella, Oechsen, Ohrdruf, Ostheim, Otzbach, Pferdsdorf, Philippsthal, Pösneck, Rienau, Rippershausen, Rosa, Rossdorf, Rotenkirchen, Ruhla, Schleid, Schleusingen, Schmalkalden, Schönau, Schweina, Seligenthal, Spahl, (Stadt)lengsfeld, Stedtfeld, Steinbach, Suhl, Thamsbrück, Tiefenort, Treffurt, Unteralba, Unterbreizbach, Unterellen, Unterkatz, Unterrohn, Untersuhl, Urnshausen, Vacha, Völkershausen, Waldfisch, Walldorf, Waltershausen, Wartha, Wasungen, Weilar, Wernshausen, Widdershausen, Wilprechtroda, Wippersheim, Wiesenthal, Witzelroda, Wohlmutshausen, Wölferbütt, Zella/Rhön, Zillbach

For more information about emigrants and special research requests are gladly accepted.